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France in a war without borders

France is at war! No it's the West as a whole with all its values which ​​is at war against the so-called "Islamic jihadist terrorists". To win a war or any war, we must first know your enemy and in the present circumstances and a conceptual analysis is needed. This analysis leads us first to ask right questions and away from the presupposed and especially the media. As long as we have not conceptualized the issue and the ongoing evolution we will not be able to know and identify our enemies. In reality the differences in values ​​brought us today to a "total" confrontation with people who do not share our principles, our lifestyle, our values ​​and have reached a point of no return.
These people were not able to impose their ideals and way of life in the West which would not recognize Islam and Muslims in this case. We must accept the reality that this conflict is not a clash of civilizations but is above all a war of values ​​and principles.

We must understand that Islam is a religion that imposes a very specific lifestyle. It is present in every moment of the life of a Muslim. We must accept that we dont have various Islam but various Muslims. A error of concepts analysis occurred vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims.
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